KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti citizen was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife and chasing after her with a knife in hand at the Khairan Resort, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a female citizen called police requesting immediate help to rescue her from her alcoholic husband, saying that he assaulted her in their chalet while he was under the influence of alcohol, and threatened her with a knife.

A patrol was immediately dispatched to the scene where officers controlled the man and confiscated the knife. During interrogations conducted after police waited for the husband to sober up, he justified his actions by saying a matrimonial disagreement had developed between them. A case was filed and the husband was detained pending further proceedings.

Baby dies
A baby girl passed away at Sulaibiya polyclinic where she was taken for treatment from some health problems. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress to determine the cause of death.

Trespasser arrested
Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives arrested a citizen over accusations that he allegedly climbed into a house, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a citizen filed a complaint against someone he knew, accusing him of climbing into his house at night and trying to reach one of the rooms in the house. The citizen added that the suspect is used to harassing his family and chasing them around, and that he had previously fought with him for the same reasons. The suspect was arrested and turned out to have a criminal record. A case was filed pending further investigations.

Under the influence
Ahmadi detectives recently arrested a citizen for breaking the partial curfew timings, driving under the influence of drugs and possession of drugs. Case papers indicate that police patrolmen suspected a vehicle driving during the partial curfew hours. After pulling it over, they found out that the driver was under the influence of drugs. On searching him, detectives also found some drugs on him. The man was referred to relevant authorities pending further legal action.

Dog attack
A citizen recently reported that his neighbor's dog attacked and bit him while he was out jogging near his neighbor's house in Mesayel area, adding that the dog's owner came out and helped him upon hearing his screams for help. The victim provided a medical report with his injuries. The dog's owner is being summoned for further investigations as he is facing a charge of 'negligence in taking care of an animal'.