KUWAIT: A 47-year-old Kuwaiti has been arrested for shooting and killing his 68-year-old mother-in-law with a Kalashnikov rifle. The man reportedly chased his wife and her mother before shooting the woman. The man admitted killing his mother-in-law over what he claimed were family disputes. He had kept the gun hidden at a farm in Wafra and reportedly fired several rounds at the victim.

Meanwhile, Ahmadi detectives completed the interrogation of the suspected killer. Investigations revealed that the suspect had planned his crime beforehand and waited for his wife and mother-in-law to come out of the farm. He followed them and fired at the victim as they came out. According to the alleged killer, his mother-in-law created problems between him and his wife.

A security source said that an Indian resident who is a guard told his sponsor that a man woke him up at 3 am and asked him for milk and water. The same person came back again at 9 am and asked for the same and also wanted to take a shower. The sponsor said that the guard saw the man with a firearm.

So a link has been established between the said person and the murder. So the detectives went to the farm, arrested the suspect and recovered the weapon. The suspect admitted that he did not plan to stay back in Wafra, instead wanted to escape from the country. However, his car broke down, forcing him to remain there.