KUWAIT: This handout photo released by the interior ministry shows a falcon confiscated from a person that police say had illegally hunted it in Sabah Al-Ahmad Natural Reserve.

KUWAIT: Environment police spotted a vehicle inside Sabah Al-Ahmad Natural Reserve and arrested the driver with an falcon in his possession. Police say that the suspect had caught the falcon, which is not permitted to be hunted, inside the reserve, The falcon was confiscated and will be returned to its natural habitat, according to police. Further legal action will be taken, police said.

This handout photo released by Kuwait Fire Force shows a fuel truck that was involved in an accident on Sixth Ring Road.

In other news, a fuel truck driver was injured in an accident on Sixth Ring Road, Kuwait Fire Force said. Firemen and hazmat personnel were dispatched to the area to secure the site of the accident before allowing the flow of traffic to resume. In another accident, four people were injured in a two-car collision on Sixth Ring Road. Firemen freed one of the victims who was trapped inside of the vehicles, and handed him over along with the three others to paramedics, Kuwait Fire Force said. An investigation was opened into the accident.

Meanwhile, Kuwait Fire Force announced that firemen put out a fire in a Qusour house. The fire was in the garden and was prevented from spreading to other areas. No injuries were reported. Also, a fire in the kitchen of a house in Qurain was put out after evacuating the place. No injuries were reported as well. Investigations were opened to reveal the cause of the fire in both incidents.

This handout photo released by Kuwait Fire Force shows a fireman at the site of a blaze in Mubarakiya Market.

On Friday, Kuwait Fire Force said Friday its teams managed to get under control a huge fire at a 4,000 sq m basement of a store in Al-Mubarakiya Market. Fire engines from Al-Hilali, the City, Al-Shuhada, Al-Shuwaikh Industrial area rushed to the scene and were able to subdue the blaze safely. The fire resulted in no casualties, according to a statement from the KFF public relations and media department.

Separately, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced on Friday that coordination and joint cooperation between the Kuwaiti General Administration for Drug Control and the General Directorate for Drug Control in Saudi Arabia resulted in the thwarting of the smuggling of more than 1,700 million 'Captagon' narcotic tablets hidden inside a container of spices and legumes that were on their way from An Arab country to Saudi Arabia via Jeddah Islamic Port. The ministry said in a press statement to the General Administration of Relations and Security Media Friday, that the owners of the shipment were arrested in Jeddah, and the necessary measures were taken against them and referred them, along with the seizures, to the Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia.