KUWAIT: Around 900 domestic helpers have left Kuwait since January through a travel program organized by their embassies. The maids, most of whom absconded from their employers were not blacklisted from returning to the country and did not have their fingerprints taken as part of the normal deportation procedures. The program is run in concert with the Interior Minister as part of the partial amnesty, sources noted.

Drug dealers arrested

Four Asians were recently arrested in Salwa in possession of meth, heroin and a bar of hashish, said security sources noting that detectives also found some copper cutting gear in the suspects' vehicle. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Fight in Hawally

Two Asians were recently arrested for fighting in Hawally. The two men threw stones and using bats during the fight.

Fake checkpoint busted

A citizen was recently arrested in Amghara scrap market for impersonating a police detective and setting up a fake checkpoint. Upon questioning by a police patrol, the suspect claimed to be an Interpol detective and refused to show any ID.

Meth user caught

A citizen was recently arrested in Farwaniya in possession of meth, said security sources noting that the suspect attracted the attention of a police patrol when he could not control his vehicle and drove it onto the curb. The man confessed to having taken illicit drugs.

Officer, woman in dispute

A traffic policeman recently filed a complaint accusing a female citizen of insulting him while on duty, said security sources noting that the policeman stated that he stopped the woman for a traffic violation and on asking for her driver's license, she scolded and threatened him. The woman also filed a complaint accusing the policeman of ticketing her because she had rejected his attempts at flirtation.