KUWAIT: A Filipina domestic helper disappeared from her sponsor's house with jewelry and five watches worth KD 2,500. The citizen, who lives in Salam, noticed her maid was missing. When she looked for her, she was nowhere to be found. She said that her passport, documents, jewelry and watches were missing. So she went to the police station and lodged a complaint. Detectives are working on the case.


Two girls decided to settle their differences with an Iraqi woman by beating her in an area between the two Sulaibkhat graveyards, injuring her hand and face. The woman gave police details of the two girls including their phone numbers - one girl did not answer the call, while the second denied the Iraqi's claims and said she cannot go to the police station. Detectives were asked to arrest them for questioning.


Police stopped two male youths dancing in Salmiya and found them under the influence of drugs. The two Kuwaitis were dancing to loud music in their car. Both had 'chemical' tablets (a variety of 'Spice' or synthetic cannabinoids) on them. They were sent to concerned authorities. - Translated from the Arabic press