London: The city of London awarded Saturday wife of Kuwaiti ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mrs. Dalal Yaqoub Al-Humaidhi, the Honorary Freedom of the City of London for her voluntary work in a number of British charitable societies.

Lord Mayor of the financial district in London, Vincent Keaveny stated to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that Mrs. Al-Humaidhi played an integral role in supporting the diplomatic career of her husband, Ambassador Khaled Al-Duwaisan for 30 years, adding that this is in recognition of Al-Duwaisan family's generous efforts across various fields.

Lord Keaveny added that this highlights the nature of the special relations tying Kuwait and the United Kingdom, as the award goes back to the year 1237 and is granted to those with considerable achievements in their chosen fields.

Among those awarded the Honorary Freedom of the City of London was late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and South Africa's late President Nelson Mandela.

On a related note, Children and Families Across Borders society granted Mrs. Al-Humaidhi a memorial shield in appreciation of her efforts in supporting the society.

Society CEO Caroline Hausmann commented to KUNA saying that Mrs. Al-Humaidhi was given honorary presidency of the society for her work in helping children all over the globe.

She added that for 30 years Mrs. Al-Humaidhi, worked on the annual charity fundraiser held in the backyard of Kensington's Municipality, and was also a point of reference for new diplomats as she helped them adapt and assimilate to life in London.

Furthermore, Mrs. Al-Humaidhi's work was not exclusive to one society but extended to International Red Cross, Alzheimer's Society, Royal Academy of Arts and many others.