KUWAIT: Mohammed Jaffar, local champion, is ready to face a strenuous challenge at round 4 of the FIM Motocross Race. The competition is back in Kuwait with its 4th round on February 21st and 22nd. Mohammed has collected so far 50points in the competition, securing 5h position in the MX2 category. Jaffar had participated in round 2 but was unable to join in on rounds 1 and 3. He will be competing among 23 other competitors, all aiming to grasp the top spot on the podium at the competition held by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme.

The FIM is the global governing body for motorcycle racing. It represents over 100 national federations that are divided into six regional unions and covers six disciplines, of which include motocross, where Jaffar's passions lie. Preparing for the race is no easy feat but Mohammed Jaffar is ready to face the challenge, especially a race that will have him battling it out to grasp the top spot. While he holds 50 points, the racer in the top spot in the MX2 category has already accumulated 134 points. With just two rounds remaining, Jaffar told us exactly what is needed to succeed.

"A competitor's fitness capabilities are put to the test. That is why I am including endurance training in my regiment plan to successfully participating in and completing all races. In addition, and most importantly, a competitor should have the mental strength and determination. Racing is exhausting and perseverance plays a large role." He continues to explain that despite his disadvantage in terms of points he believes he can overcome the competition through hard work.

However, for Mohammed, the challenge is merely part of the passion he has for the sport. "Motorbikes are something in my blood", he explains. Jaffar began his passion for motocross at 14. Starting to compete at the young age of 19, he was able to achieve competitive greatness, winning 16 motocross championship titles. His passion for the sport grows daily and has become an integral part of his life. He won his first championship in 2011 at the Emirates Motorplex MX2 and has since then been of the best motocross athletes in the Middle East.