The average adult spends around one third of his or her life at work. The countless hours, days, weeks, months and years often slip by without one realizing. The environment in which one works, therefore, can have a real and substantive impact - both positively and negatively - on how one views their life.

In this new series, Kuwait Times looks at work environments by examining our own offices and our employees' desk. KT staff spend long hours at work and in the field, editors and reporters both go out to research and interview and then return to their desks to write and file before deadline. Between time-sensitive stories, long investigative reports that need to be checked and corrected, and the availability of the necessary images, the time goes by lightning speed, either preceded or precedes us.

However, not everyone wants to decorate his office, some people like to stay clean as they are, while beautiful decors are lost among piles of paper at some. What is important is that the employee feels comfortable and familiar in order to accomplish his work.

Do you have a desk or an office? Do you work outdoors or in a space shared with others? Maybe you work in a government office sharing a desk or station with many others? Maybe your 'desk' is a taxi cab or hospital exam room? How do you make your workspace your own? How do you add personality and decoration to make it more friendly and a happy place you enjoy being? Let us know!

Kuwait Times invite readers: Send us photos of your work environment for our series. Email high res jpegs to [email protected].

Photos by Athoob Al-Shuaibi and Yasser Al-Zayyat