MP Musaed Al-Mutairi

By B Izzak

KUWAIT: Opposition MP Musaed Al-Mutairi said yesterday he will file to grill Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah after the National Assembly resumes regular sessions. He said the planned grilling will focus on a proposed general pardon for ex-opposition MPs and activists who have been living in self-exile for almost three years to escape harsh jail terms after being convicted of storming the Assembly building in Nov 2011.

The government is currently discussing legislation to pardon all opposition activists and ex-MPs over expressing political opinions. Another grilling against the prime minister had been submitted by MPs Mohammad Al-Mutair and Bader Al-Dahoum, whose membership in the Assembly was revoked by the constitutional court on Sunday. MP Hamdan Al-Azemi said he will replace him in the grilling.

MP Yousef Al-Fadhalah said that the constitutional court ruling against Dahoum must be respected and implemented because it is a court verdict. Opposition MPs have criticized the ruling, claiming it breached the rules of the law and the constitution.

Meanwhile, opposition MP Thamer Al-Suwait claimed yesterday that 18 MPs have entered into an alliance with the government to form a majority in the Assembly to counter opposition MPs. He said the alliance will reject grillings against the prime minister and send them for debate to the Assembly's legal and legislative committee.