The 'Star is Born' actress launched her highly-anticipated Haus Laboratories collection this week but she's not bothered about sales as she just wants to make a positive impact. She said: "In truth, we don't care if you wear our make-up or not. What's important to us is that you love yourself and spread that kind message around the world." While Gaga likes creating different "personas" with cosmetics, she thinks the ultimate "transformation" has nothing to do with make-up.

She said: "You can create different personas with makeup, or go bare, but ultimately the real transformation comes from within and loving yourself." Although the 33-year-old star has worked with make-up artist Sarah Tanno for years, she doesn't worry if the cosmetics expert isn't around because she knows her own skills are just fine. She said: "[If Sarah's not around] I do my make-up myself, I did my own stage make-up for years.

"I'm actually a great make-up artist on myself-and others. I'm of course not on Sarah's level but you know, I try!" The 'Shallows' singer doesn't worry about trends and thinks it is important to stay true to herself. She told People magazine: "I don't pay attention to what is trending or what people necessarily want to see me as. I'm just always me, whether people like it or not. Staying true to myself is part of how I love myself."
Asked what helps her to feel confident, she added: "Not caring what other people think of me by judging me by my looks. That's shallow. Whether I'm dressed up with make-up or in sweatpants with none, I'm just being me."-Bang Showbiz