Kuwait: The water research center at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has won a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for innovating a technology for desalinating water and simultaneous air cooling.

The patent has been recorded in the names of the inevntors, Dr. Hassan Abdulraheem and Dr. Mansour Ahmad.

KISR said in a statement on Monday that the two inventors embarked on the creative work to find solutions for water scarcity in arid countries by using a highly salinized solution, characterised with high osmosis pressure, capable of pumping salt-free water from the sea through a permeable panel.

The involved KISR team of scientists has provided the convincing scientific evidence of the innovated technology.

The designed device reserves 130 cubic meters of water per day and consumes 1.4 kHh per each cubic meter of produced desalinated water. Simultaneously, it cools the air.

The statement added that the invention has proven of technical and economic feasibility and can be used for desalinating sea water, underground water and cooling the air at the same time.