KUWAIT: Al-Safat Square’s tunnel sprinkles water to cool pedestrians. — Photo by Athoob Al-Shuaibi

KUWAIT: Local power consumption could reach 14.3 thousand megawatts, while any less than that average would be an accomplishment, Kuwait's Minister of Electricity and Water said yesterday. As he presided over a meeting dealing with water and energy conservation, Mahmoud Boushehri said that a mere 10 percent reduction in energy consumption would save the government KD 600 million.

He pointed out that efforts to curb water and power consumption have started to come to fruition, saying it was imperative for government bodies to work together in espousing the merits of power and energy conservation. Meanwhile, Ali Al-Aidi, the head of a delegation tasked with overseeing efforts to cut water and energy consumption, said that the government had received apparatuses that will be used in a string of projects designed to save water. - KUNA