Riyadh: Minister of Justice, Minister of State for Nazaha (Integrity) Enhancement and Minister of Awqaf (Endowment) and Islamic Affairs Jamal Al-Jalawi affirmed that the delegation's visit to the Saudi Ministry of Justice is to learn about their experience in digitizing documents to serve and develop Kuwait's work.

Al-Jalawi stated to KUNA on Wednesday that the Saudi Ministry of Justice has an excellent experience in the electronic archiving process, the transition from the paper system to the digital system, and the processing and preservation of documents.

He also stressed that the purpose of the visit is to gain more experience and knowledge in the digitalizing fields, stressing on Kuwait's keenness in strengthening cooperation between the two countries.

Al-Jalawi expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Saudi Arabia for their reception and hospitality, as well as providing Kuwait's delegation with all the necessary information.