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Kuwaiti youths’ combat of radical ideologies ‘amazing’: US diplomat

Nicole Chulick, Deputy Coordinator for Products in the Bureau of International Information Programs at the US State Department.

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti youths’ creativity in combating radicalization and extremism via social media and other technological means is amazing and highly appreciated, said Nicole Chulick, Deputy Coordinator for Products in the Bureau of International Information Programs at the US State Department.

Following a workshop organized by the American Embassy under the title (Tech-Camp) late Tuesday, Chulick said that it was very encouraging from the Kuwaiti government to take part in such an event which reflected keenness in countering terrorism and false information on social media.

Tech-Camp, the first event of its kind to be held in the Gulf region, is helping in dispelling wrong ideas about the Muslim world, said Clulick who affirmed that the youth here, with their homegrown ideas, produced creative methods that were amazingly refuting terrorist ideologies.

The participants from most ministries have proven that they were capable of producing effective measures to counter negative messages on social media via spreading awareness on the vital issue through personal accounts and other applications, Chulick affirmed.

“Kuwait has an important leading role in helping to host such an event like Tech-Camp,” she said. Participants from the private sector also showed great interest in combating terrorism through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Spanchat, she added.

Kuwait’s keenness on being part of the global fight against terrorism is very important, said the US diplomat, adding that this threat was becoming part of an international issue that needed to be addressed promptly.

“If we are going to combat online radicalization in our communities, we need to involve the full support from your communities. We need every voice,” said Chulick, adding “I have said in the Tech-Champ workshop that we as individuals should be responsible in what we say in public and on social networks… To check the content of what we receive and what we watch… It is our responsibility first, we should start with ourselves then spread these ideas to other individuals.”

She emphasized “The United States has an obligation to continue its fight against terrorism on social media and by continuing more Tech-Camps and workshop in many regions to spread more awareness.”

“I believe that the problem of using social network in promoting violence and terrorism is an ongoing problem and we have an obligation to fight such radical movements that are spreading rapidly around the world.”

In her closing statements, Clulick encouraged Kuwaiti youth to continue posting information and updates on their activities, stay engaged, and carry on collaborating with one another, affirming that “All young people have a vital role. They are the most credible voice to confront false narratives aiming to target their peers and their communities.” – KUNA

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