Team tests positron-emission tomography device

Kuwait medical team removes brain tumor

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti medical team has successfully removed a large meningitis tumor from the base of a patient's brain. Dr Humoud Al-Orooj, a chief surgeon at Al-Farwaniah Hospital, said in a statement yesterday that specialist Fahad Al-Asousi led the team that conducted the surgery. The patient, who suffered no complications after the operation, recovered in a short period of time, he added.

Separately, a medical team from Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC) conducted yesterday quality tests for the newest positron-emission tomography device for inspecting tumors in Advanced Care Medical Center in Dubai, the UAE. Head of Nuclear Medicine Physics Unit at Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC), Dr Mishari Al-Nuaimi, said that the Kuwaiti physicians' team are inspecting the new technological innovation in integrated tomography and positron imaging domain.

This new technique helps in diagnosing patients' diseases and illnesses and monitoring various kinds of cancers. During latest years, tendency towards using radiation and radioisotopes in curing tumors increased, Dr Nuaimi said. Kuwaiti medical cadres have a wide experience in utilizing such modern technologies, he affirmed.

KCCC, a pioneer center in operating latest medical imaging equipment, includes a specialized department of radiology medical physics since 1982. The Kuwaiti physicians' team is a distinguished one with high qualifications as it has conducted more than 50 quality tests on the modern nuclear imaging devices in UAE, Oman and Qatar, he said.

KCCC is a comprehensive center dedicated entirely to cancer Care across the State of Kuwait. It was founded in 1968 as a governmental center affiliated to the Kuwaiti Ministry of health. It is primarily made up of the Hussain Makki Juma building for Specialized Surgery, Sheikha Badriya Al-Sabah Medical Oncology Building, Faisal Sultan Ibn Issa Diagnostic Imaging building.

With over 600 highly qualified medical oncology staff, KCCC is a 200 bed hospital complex located in Shuwaikh. KCCC treats over 2,000 cancer patients each year from Kuwait and the region. It is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices. - KUNA