ADEN: Kuwait Society for Relief inaugurated on Saturday the solar-powered water project of the Republican Educational Hospital in Taiz city, central Yemen, in the presence of local officials. Speaking to the press during the opening ceremony, head of the relief sector at the society Jamal Al-Nouri said this vital project will have great impact on the hospital and the neighboring area.

"It will benefit nearly 20,000 residents in the city," he said, noting that the project is part of a package of strategic water projects being implemented by the society across Yemen. "The society contributes to the drilling of three water wells in Taiz which will cover nearly 30 percent of the City's needs of potable water," Nouri added.

Meanwhile, Undersecretary of Taiz Governorate for Health Affairs Dr Elan Abdul-Haq said the project will have great impact on the health services of the hospital and neighboring districts. She expressed profound gratitude for the generous assistance provided by the Kuwaiti government and non-government agencies to the Yemeni people. Director of the hospital Dr Nashwan Al-Hamasi said the project puts an end to the suffering of patients and staffers at the hospital due to water shortage. "The problem of water outages at the hospital exacerbated in the recent years due to lack of fuel which took its toll on patients suffering from kidney failure," he added.

Tawfiq Al-Boeboie, director of Yanabia Al-Khair Charity Foundation which implements the project, said the ongoing conflict in Yemen had a devastating impact on water projects, and added to the suffering of patients. "The water project of the educational hospital aims to drill a water well which will produce up to 32 cm per hour and install a solar-powered pumping unit which will minimize the costs of operation," he added.

Educational facilities

Separately, the Kuwait Society for Relief reopened the faculty of arts and four other high schools in Taiz Governorate, central Yemen, after rehabilitating and equipping them. Speaking at the reopening ceremony on Saturday, Undersecretary of the Governorate Rashad Al-Akhali said that the society restored these facilities after they had been out of service.

He added that the rehabilitation project is part of Kuwaiti humanitarian and development assistance continuing to the Yemeni people since the 1960s.He indicated that Yemen's people highly appreciate Kuwait, His Highness the Amir, and the Kuwaiti government and people for this generosity to back development and relief projects.

Meanwhile, Nori said Kuwait would continue backing the development and relief projects in all Yemen's governorates. Head of Yemen's Hekma (wisdom) society, which is carrying out the project, said the Kuwaiti support is part of its continued aid provided to Yemen over many years. He valued the noble stance of Kuwait, His Highness the Amir, the government and people towards Yemen amid these ongoing conditions. - KUNA