KUWAIT: Official sources said the health ministry prepares to hold intensive meetings with officials from the Palestinian National Authority in order to recruit doctors, nurses and medical technicians from Palestine, as part of a mechanism of giving facilities to the private sector to bring in Palestinian doctors and nurses. The sources said meetings will start in September and will include visits by Palestinian officials to Kuwait and Kuwaiti officials to the Palestinian Authority to sign contracts with Palestinian doctors in Gaza and the West Bank, just like what the education ministry did with teachers.

The sources said professional tests will be conducted in the Palestinian territories and they will be contracted in their countries, adding that the interior ministry has received clear instructions to issue visas to Palestinians who have licenses to work in Kuwait. Sources said the health ministry is about to open several hospitals and health centers, which calls for signing contracts with expat doctors and nurses, and that it is necessary to sign contracts with Palestinians who proved excellent before the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, and were highly productive as well. The ministry is expected to sign contracts with 200 Palestinian doctors and 300 nurses before the end of the year.

In other news, the Ministry of Higher Education and a specialized government team began preparing the implementation rules of the government universities law, and it is expected to be ready in January, as the government is now committed to implementing the law. The sources said the team includes specialists from the Fatwa and Legislation Department, higher education ministry, Kuwait University and Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, in addition to independent specialists. Sources said the government is preparing to establish a new government university a year from now, including a decision to form an academic academy to prepare a plan for establishing the new university, adding that the government may revive the Jaber University law that was issued by the National Assembly in 2012.

By A Saleh