KUWAIT: Former Kuwait University law professor Dr Fatima Al-Matar yesterday announced she has moved to the US along with her daughter and has applied for asylum there. "I am so happy that I will start a new life in a beautiful and superb country that believes in the values of human dignity. God Bless America," Matar said on her Twitter account. She said she has been referred to the public prosecution on blasphemy charges and that she could no longer bear living in "this society".

In further tweets, Matar explained she had left for the US with her daughter and claimed asylum there. "We were placed in a refugee center for two weeks and were treated with utmost respect, except for having no access to mobile phones or laptops until a decision was made. A lawyer was also appointed for me free of charge," she said, adding she is very happy that her daughter will have a better life.

By A Saleh