There is a strong correlation between drug addiction and divorce, which has a devastating impact on society, Director of the Family Counselling Department at the Ministry of Justice Eman Al-Saleh said.

Among the main reasons leading to drug addiction are family disputes and marriage problems, she told KUNA in an interview. Family problems cause a multitude of issues including depression, which when coupled with drugs leads a person into deep despair, she said.

The daily social and financial pressures also might spark psychological insecurity, and lack of emotional control with drugs coming into the scene masquerading as a solution touted heavily by those peddling this poison, she added.

Dr Al-Saleh noted that the husbands, sometimes, create unnecessary pressure and force wives to share their drug addiction or vice versa. She warned that drugs, as seen by addicts, offered feeling of happiness, excitements and enjoyment, but these sensations were momentary. Drug addiction is destructive to the family unit and results in separation, and desertion of all the social responsibilities related to the family structure, increasing conflicts between spouses, domestic violence, and normally ends in divorce, she affirmed.

Drug addiction also leads to poor financial choices, causing work dismissals, and loss of livelihood as well as debts, she added, indicating that some kinds of drugs cause a drop in male hormones in blood, which would affect the behavior of men and their daily interactions, and especially the relationship with their wives.

She said that unfortunately, children were tragic victims of drug addiction especially when they try to coping with the irresponsible behavior of their addict parents. The drugs addiction has negative impact on children, living in unbalances, negative and stressful circumstances, leading to the loss of confidence, self-esteem, fear, inner anger and severe anxiety. — KUNA