AMMAN: A Kuwait military aircraft arrived at Jordan's capital on Wednesday, carrying 40 tons of medical and relief aid to later be delivered to the Palestinian people. Kuwaiti Ambassador to Jordan Aziz Al-Daihani, a delegation from the Kuwait Society for Relief and Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization chief received the shipment.

This campaign is being sponsored by Kuwait's Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the participation of more than 30 Kuwaiti charity organizations, Ambassador Daihani said. The move embodies the "humanitarian, ethical and religious duties we have towards our (Palestinian) brothers," he added.

Meanwhile, Member of the Kuwaiti Society for Relief Jamal Al-Nouri said that this shipment contains 30 tons of food supplies and 10 tons of medical equipment and baby formula. One part of the shipment will be delivered to Jerusalem and the other to the Gaza Strip, through local charities working in the field in cooperation with Kuwaiti Society for Relief, he added. - KUNA