KUWAIT: Media outlets in Kuwait have been contributing extensively to the fight against narcotics and illicit drugs, chipping in heavily into the current nationwide campaign to rid society of such evils. Whether using regular broadcasting, or posting on social media, the campaign against narcotics truly became a social phenomenon reflecting Kuwaitis and residents' keenness on protecting their country. Media had been playing an exceptional role in spreading awareness regarding the impact of illegal drugs on society, said journalist and media figure Fayez Al-Zaal in a statement to KUNA.

Journalist and media figure Fayez Al-Za'al

Living in what seems like a hyperactive world required media outlets to step up their game especially when it comes to battling the alarming spread of narcotics in society, he said. Al-Zaal added that no matter the format, whether it was visual, paper, or audio, the fight against drug is an important task. He noted that with the advent of social media, the parameters had changed a bit, but still, media could manage to spread awareness even on a different platform.

Media does play a vital role in the campaign against drugs, agreed fellow media figure and presenter at Kuwait Television Raed Al-Shimmeri. Whatever the youths are into, media outlets must take advantage of the situation and utilize what is available to help people fend off against narcotics spread, he stressed. He commended efforts by the Interior Ministry and other state entities, saying that Kuwaitis and residents living in the country would stand together to prevent drugs from rampaging society.-KUNA