KUWAIT: In this file photo, Kuwaiti journalist Jenan Al-Zaid is seen as she interviews a man while preparing an investigative report in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. - KUNA photos

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti female journalists have excelled in their reporting specially during the coronavirus pandemic, interacting with people smoothly while creating interesting stories that draw high views. It was their passion that made them seek non-traditional stories, giving them a growing popularity.

Radio broadcaster Jenan Al-Zaid said she joined Al-Qabas newspaper's online service in 2019 and did a report about begging in Kuwait. Zaid said she discovered her passion in investigative reporting. It is adventurous but absolute fun, she said. She began her investigative reporting, she added, about so-called "thieves market" in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, where she also accompanied police forces to report on campaigns against violations by restaurants and coffee shops.

"This report resulted in the locking down of the area for three months. At this instance, the journalist feels how important her role is in covering important issues," said Zaid. She said she did not feel being threatened while reporting in dangerous areas because once she held the microphone she felt "courage and a great desire to hunt the corrupt... the desire to achieve something blocks any feeling of fear." Zaid admitted she was threatened because of her reports but that would not stop her from doing what she loved.

Hadeel Al-Musaileem is seen in a gym as part of her reporting on sports in Kuwait.

Hadeel Al-Musaileem said it was her childhood dream to be a journalist and found out that the passion was in reporting about different kinds of topics, like sport stories in which she gets to meet with people with a winning mindset. Musaileem said her family stood by her and also provided feedback on her programs.

Dana Al-Uwaisi interviews a man while reporting on popular restaurants in Kuwait.

Dana Al-Uwaisi said she worked in media since she was 15 years old but was restricted with the traditional type of media. She joined Al-Qabas online service and began genuine reporting. She said her reports about popular restaurants have great impacts among Kuwaitis and expatriates. It made viewers realize how customers were loyal to a certain restaurant because of the service it offered.

Some Egyptian and Jordanian restaurant owners thanked them for educating people about their food "which is a culture that bring people closer," she said. Uwaisi said she also loved reporting about environmental issues and how dumping of wastes was damaging the environment.

Dana Al-Bahar reports on the field.

Dana Al-Bahar, a journalist in Sarmad media network and a Mass Communication graduate, said her dedication and hard work made others acknowledge her effort. Bahar said she loved political programs, covering the 2020 parliamentary elections which was a great experience for her. Bibi Al-Khodhari, meanwhile, said she enjoyed field reporting because it was an opportunity to interact with people. Khodhari hoped to have a personal contribution to media in Kuwait, Gulf and Arab regions in order to make a positive change. - KUNA

Bibi Al-Khodhari interviews a man during one of her field reporting missions.