KUWAIT: A female citizen and an Egyptian doctor exchanged accusations of slander. Security sources said the woman claimed that the doctor insulted her, while the doctor said it was she who barged into the examination room while he was examining another patient, and when he reprimanded her, she insulted him in front of other patients.

2016 statistics

Mubarak Al-Kabeer emergency team leader at Kuwait Municipality Nasser Al-Hajeri said according to 2016 statistics, his team filed 14 citations to peddlers, 41 for not having health certificates, 20 for expired health certificates, nine for opening stores without licenses, 21 for opening stores prior to municipality approval, 31 for expired ad licenses, 81 for unlicensed ads, 16 for expired foodstuff items, 10 for selling harmful foodstuff and 13 for not respecting timings of garbage disposal. Hajeri added a total of 15 stores were closed, 648 public property violations were removed and 11,342 ads were removed from the streets. He said 3,330 kg of inedible foodstuff and 4,205 pirated CDs were confiscated.