AMMAN: Kuwait will participate in the 21st Amman International Book Fair from September 1 with a cultural program featuring the latest products and publications. Kuwait is the guest of honor at the prestigious cultural event. Speaking to KUNA, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Jordan Aziz Al-Daihani said Kuwait's participation would include a high-level delegation headed by Minister of Information and Culture Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi, who will be partaking in a cultural symposium.

He affirmed that the level of Kuwaiti representation at the event reflected the strength of relations and the keenness on the part of Kuwait in support of all Arab causes, chiefly the Palestinian cause. During a press conference in the presence of Kuwait Embassy's representative Mishal Al-Mutairi, Jordanian Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar revealed that the Kuwaiti cultural program would feature a symposium under the title of "Arab cultural scene", noting that Kuwait's Minister of Information and Culture Mutairi would be present at the event along with several Arab officials.

She affirmed that choosing Kuwait as the guest of honor displayed the deep-rooted and historic relations between Kuwait and Jordan. The Kuwaiti cultural program would include other events focusing on displaying support to the Palestinian struggle for independence from Zionist occupiers and other events highlighting the recent Kuwaiti cultural and dramatic productions. A score of Kuwaiti intellectuals, writers, actors and senior figures will be present at the event. The Amman book fair will see the participation of 400 publishers from Jordan, the Arab region and the world. - KUNA