By A Saleh

KUWAIT: Condemning Trump's Middle East peace plan, the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement (KPM) described the proposal - known as the "deal of the century" - as a new episode in a series of imperialist-Zionist conspiracies spanning decades to liquidate the Palestinian cause and quash the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people based on blatant collusion of most Arab regimes and benefiting from the wrong policies of some Palestinian leaders and the regretful division between Fatah and Hamas.

"Regardless of some stylized and rhetorical phrases used, the Trump-Netanyahu deal is provocatively designed to impose arrangements that are completely contrary to the most basic rights of the Palestinian Arab people. This unfair deal is publicly rejected by Palestinians and Arabs," a statement issued by the movement underlined, noting that the deal enhances the Zionist occupation, subjects the entire Palestinian land from the river to the sea to Zionist control and hands the Jordan Valley and large areas of the West Bank and settlements to the Zionist entity.

KPM called for activating popular resistance to the occupation to reach a comprehensive uprising, unifying the people's energies, putting an end to the Fatah-Hamas division and disagreements, suspending all agreements signed with the Zionist entity and expanding the campaign boycotting the Zionist entity to rebuild international consolidation with Palestinians and put an end to the occupation of the racist aggressor.