ALGIERS: Kuwaiti national swimming team won a silver medal and two bronze medals on Saturday in the fourth and final day of the Arab Swimming Championships and clinched third place in the overall ranking of the tournament. The tournament, hosted by the city of (Oran) in western Algeria, witnessed the talented Kuwaiti swimmer Ali Al-Zamil, who managed to win the silver medal and second place in the 100-m backstroke with a time of 56.96 seconds.

Kuwait National Swimming Team

For his part, his teammate swimmer Walid Abdurazaq was able to force his presence in the pool again in the 100-meter freestyle race, where he managed to win the bronze medal and third place with a time of 50.99 seconds. The Kuwaiti team also won the men's 100-meter relay four times, taking the bronze medal. Walid Abdulrazaq, Saud Al-Shamroukh, Abdulrazaq Al-Duwaihi, and Abdulaziz Al-Duwaihi participated in this race. The Arab Swimming Championships concluded this evening with a ceremony in honor of the participating teams. - KUNA