Talal Al-Fassam

NEW YORK: Kuwait has voiced support to all steps promoting peace and preventing conflicts, including a new peace plan to eliminate strategic threats posed by nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) while boosting regional prevention policy. This came in a speech by minister plenipotentiary Talal Al-Fassam before a General Assembly's informal meeting of the plenary on the report of the Secretary General entitled "Our Common Agenda," last night.

The agenda, arranged at request of world leaders to mark UN's 75th anniversary, was "one of the most important UN documents in past years," said Fassam. "The world succeeded in overcoming the second world war and establishing a new world order based on UN Charter, the international law and human rights as well as agreements, treaties and UN resolutions that contributed to honoring requirements of the past 75 years," he said.

"Everybody realizes the world was facing huge challenges like conflicts, poverty, violence, climate change, deterioration of biological diversity and most recently the coronavirus pandemic," he said. Therefore, he added, the Common Agenda was important towards a better future, and Kuwait was looking forward for "constructive discussions" surrounded by confidence and solidarity with the objective of contributing to prosperity of people, preserving planet earth and honor aspirations of youth.

Kuwait, said Fassam, supported UN Secretary General's call for a summit to discuss the future, and was also recognizing UN role in preserving international peace and security. "Spreading values of peace, co-existence and dialogue are one of the major foundations of Kuwait foreign policy," he said. Kuwait, said Fassam, also supported acceleration of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). - AFP