CAIRO: Kuwait is supportive of the Arab League's pro-Palestinian cause media measures propagated in international arenas, a Kuwaiti media senior official announced on Sunday. This remark was made to the press from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information's executive Shawq Al-Shuai' on the sidelines of the two-day fourth meeting of the Arab media experts group concerned with evaluating and updating the strategic action plan regarding the Palestinian cause, held in Cairo, Egypt.

Kuwaiti Ministry of Information's executive Shawq Al-Shuai' attends the meeting.

She expressed gratitude to the Arab League General Secretariat for hosting this event, adding that the Kuwaiti delegation listened to the views of member countries regarding the articles of Arab media action abroad plan. Kuwait expressed its comments regarding a number of articles, including the diplomatic digital system, and establishment of Arab media-people group proposal, she added. Kuwait supports the recommendations offered by the Arab nations during the meeting on adding some reforms to better serve these efforts, she said. - KUNA