The winners of the squash tournament seen along with sports clubs officials.

KUWAIT: The closing ceremony and prize distribution of the 10th open refresher squash tournament for the 2018/2019 season was held at the Kuwait Squash Federation in south Surra in the presence of Chairman of the Board Adel Al-Gharib, Deputy Chairman Hamid Imran and other board members, along with sports clubs officials.

Al-Gharib welcomed officials and athletes, and congratulated them for lifting the suspension, allowing players to participate in various international events.

He also appreciated the efforts of the competitions and referees committees at the federation in organizing the tournaments of last season and wished them success in coming events.

Results of the tournament were as follows:

Under 11 years:

1) Rayan Khan - Salmiya club

2) Abdelrahman Al-Sane - Kheitan club

3) Talal Ghul - Kheitan

Under 13 years:

1) Qadeer Ghul - Kheitan club

2) Mohammad Saleh - Qurain club

3) Abdelrahman Al-Maghrabi - Salmiya club.

Under 15 years:

1) Qadeer Ghul - Kheitan club.