Kuwait: Kuwait Scientific Center launched the annual Space Month 2022 event, titled "Space Exploration and Earth Sustainability," returning with many wonderful surprises suitable for all ages.

The event, due until November 12, was organized to coincide with the international celebration of World Space Week. The theme coincides with this year’s global theme, Space and Sustainability, which aims to achieve sustainability in space, in order to demonstrate the many possibilities that space offers to support sustainable development goals.

Director General and Board Member of the Scientific Center, Dr. Hamad Yassin

The Acting Director General and Board Member of the Scientific Center, Dr. Hamad Yassin, stated that the Center has prepared a complete program including more than 20 interactive activities on space sciences. Children, teenagers and adults can attend and participate in the said program.

Dr. Yassin added that the activities during the Space Month provides an opportunity for visitors to learn about the facts of space science, by encouraging and inspiring individuals to explore space and raise awareness of it, due to the importance of space services and technology that contribute to the sustainability of the planet, especially in terms of the environment.

Sarah Al-Yaqout, Acting Director of Marketing and Communications Departmen

Sarah Al-Yaqout, Acting Director of Marketing and Communications Department, was quoted saying that "practical experience and edutainment are the best way to convey information to the child. That is why the Center has prepared a series of educational and interactive workshops during Space Month 2022, which will provide a unique and enjoyable experience for children from four to twelve years old." She added that it discusses various topics in astronomy and the secrets of outer space, such as planets, galaxies and stars, as well as the solar system, spacecraft, rockets, and others.

Al-Yaqout added that the most distinctive feature of the space month this year is the "Mission on Mars" hall, which is a new interactive hall in the aquarium launched to take visitors in an exclusive experience as if they were on board a spacecraft landing them on the surface of Mars. The purpose is for them to enjoy activities such as AVR experience, rover experience, interactive spacecraft exhibit, and LEGO brain blocks space building games.

Kuwait Scientific Centers launches annual Space Month

The center, one of Kuwait's top scientific landmarks, hosts various animals including those that live in the Gulf, along with detailed information for the visitors. It also holds regular activities for the youngsters and children to enhance their knowledge of various sciences.