KUWAIT: Kuwait said on Sunday that the process of receiving human remains from Iraq, believed to belong to some of its nationals who had gone missing during the 1991 Gulf war, is in line with established protocols. Given the humanitarian nature of the issue, the process is overseen by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), said Rabie Al-Adsani, the head of a foreign ministry committee investigating the matter.

"Proper DNA analysis determines if the human remains truly belong to Kuwaiti prisoners of war," he said, adding that if the identity of the remains is "proven beyond doubt," then the families of the victims would be notified immediately. The ministry has always kept the families of Kuwaiti prisoners of war abreast of the latest information on the fate of their loved ones, the official highlighted, saying it was a "humanitarian and legal obligation."

Conversely, if DNA analysis proves that the remains do not belong to Kuwaiti nationals, then the bodies would be "handed back" to Iraq, through the works of a ICRC-chaired committee linking the Gulf neighbors, Saudi Arabia, the US, Britain and France, added the official. He went on to thank all parties involved for their efforts to "bring closure" to this pressing matter. - KUNA