KUWAIT: Kuwait and Saudi Arabia agreed during talks on Sunday to accelerate efforts aiming to complete joint oil projects in the neutral zone linking the two Gulf Arab neighbors, underlining that such endeavors are imperative to meet local energy demands. The Kuwaiti-Saudi joint permanent committee convened to monitor the progress on a number of vital oil projects, making sure to eliminate any “impediments” that could hinder their completion, Kuwaiti Oil Ministry Undersecretary Sheikh Nimr Al-Sabah said in a statement.

These efforts include plans to draw up a “future vision” when dealing with operations at the sites of these projects, chiefly, plans to ensure the “safe and seamless” transportation of workers and equipment alike, according to the statement. The neutral zone spanning more than 5,700 square kilometers is jointly managed to run its main oilfields — onshore Wafra and offshore Khafji. Such plans are in line with a previous deal signed between the Gulf Arab neighbors in 2019, which backed all efforts aiming to expedite joint oil projects linking Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, added the statement, citing regular talks as a strategy to bring that goal to fruition.

Since its inception in 1965, the Kuwaiti-Saudi joint permanent committee has acted as a monitoring body to examine the progress and development of common endeavors, particularly those carried out in zones linking the two countries. Sheikh Nimr pointed out the agreement between the two sides includes updating the work mechanisms of the joint permanent committee and developing means of communication between the two sides through the use of new technologies and holding meetings, which will contribute to accelerating the pace of work and achievements.

He said that this modernization will facilitate petroleum projects related to the neutral zone and ensure the facilitation of work related to joint operations and the safety of workers of operating companies, which include Aramco Gulf Operations Company, Saudi Arabian Chevron and Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, and their ability to face any emergency or exceptional circumstances. – KUNA