BEIRUT: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) will pay the costs of a kidney transplant for an Iraqi three-year child in Beirut, as part of the society's philanthropic work and support to urgent critical cases. The KRSC delegate to Lebanon Musaed Al-Enzi said yesterday that the society decided to pay the costs of the transplant for Amir Bashar Aboud who has to be operated on as soon as possible. He added that the society has responded to a plea from the child's father.

The society's humanitarian efforts are part of Kuwait's philanthropic initiatives extended to the needy around the globe, Al-Enzi said.  On his part, the child's expressed gratitude to the KECS and the entire Kuwaiti people for the generous assistance offered to his son, and to many other people.  He told KNUA that he discovered that his son was suffering kidney failure when the child was still six months old. His case has aggravated since then, and now it is critical.

The poor father had to sell his house in Baghdad and came to Beirut to treat the child, but the costs have been too much than he expected, and he had to make the humanitarian plead. Shebl Murani, the doctor supervising the child's case, told KUNA that the little boy arrived in the Lebanese capital with full renal failure and was admitted to the ICU. He added that the family could not afford a kidney transplant for the kid. The KRCS has provided the costs of scores of refugees in Lebanon over the last years through the kidney dialysis it launched in north of the country. - KUNA