Khaled Al-Roudhan

KUWAIT: Minister
of Commerce and Industry and State Minister for Services Khaled Al-Roudhan on
Friday issued a decision to raise port security level of facilities from one to
two. Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) told KUNA in a statement that ministerial
decree no. 448 orders a raise in security level of all port facilities in the
country, both commercial and oil. The decision stresses to take necessary
measures to protect ships and port facilities, it noted. In addition, it also
comes in order to preserve the security of the country and its territory as
well as ports due to conditions experienced by the region.

The ministry of
commerce and industry also announced on Friday that Kuwait has strategic food
reserves sufficient for six months. In a statement, the ministry affirmed its
full readiness to cope with any emergency, affirming that all precautionary
measures have been taken. The ministry added that it had taken all necessary
measures and precautions with Kuwait Insurance Company and food supplies
outlets throughout the country. Strategic stockpiles of food in warehouses are
sufficient for six months and some of the amounts are enough for a whole year,
it said in the official statement. It urged all concerned to seek information
from "the right sources" before spreading it.

Kuwait Flour
Mills and Bakeries Company affirmed yesterday readiness to cope "with
ramifications that may emerge as a result of conditions in the region".
The company has also affirmed that the national strategic stockpiles of food
supplies are sufficient for four to eight months. Chief Executive Officer
Mutleg Al-Zayed has said in a statement that Kuwait devotes special concern for
food, assuring citizens and residents that the company has supplies, namely
bread, enough to cope with possible higher demand.

All bakeries
throughout Kuwait are ready to meet the demand, he said, revealing that the
company has a special plan to ensure delivery of its products to the cooperative
stores and sale outlets "in a satisfactory fashion". He indicated at
past experience, when the company secured food supplies during crises, proving
that Kuwait is an example to be followed at this level in the Gulf region.

Undersecretary of
the Ministry of Interior Lt Gen Esam Al-Nahham affirmed Thursday that all
sectors of the ministry are ready to address any eventuality. Security services
are working around the clock to guard against any ramifications of the
situation in the region, he said in a statement posted on the ministry's
Instagram account. Nahham made the comments after chairing a senior-level
security meeting where he was briefed on the preparedness of all sectors of the
ministry. The meeting was part of joint action by all sectors and coordination
to address the possible scenarios of the developments in the region, the
statement noted.

Nahham conveyed
to the leaders of the security sectors the greetings of Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Acting Minister of Interior Anas
Al-Saleh, who appreciates their dedication to protecting the country's security
and stability. Nahham reiterated the call for everybody to rely for news on
official sources, such as the ministry's security media department, and avoid circulating
rumors that could jeopardize the safety and security of the country. - KUNA