KUWAIT: Rahma International and the General Secretariat of Awqaf, represented by Ahmed Abdul-ilah, opened one of the largest mosques in Australia in Sydney in the presence of the representative of the King of Britain and governor of the State of New South Wales Margaret Beazely, as well as ministers of labor and diversity and representatives of official authorities in Australia.

Head of the European sector at Rahma International and its representative Khaled Al-Mullah said: "On behalf of the Awqaf general secretariat, the main supporter of the mosque, and under the supervision of Rahma International, we open this blessed Islamic edifice and a distinctive architectural masterpiece in the city of Sydney."

He said the mosque is an educational hub that preserves the identity of Muslim children and works to educate them, conducting prayers, sermons as well as memorization of the Holy Quran, launching scientific courses in faith, jurisprudence, hadith and Islamic culture, and a pioneering advocacy role in embracing new Muslims.

"The mosque is characterized by its multiple facilities, with 500 worshipers benefiting. It was built with modern architectural methods and means, which were praised by the crowds present at the opening ceremony. It shows Kuwait's keenness in exporting major Islamic and advocacy projects that enhance the presence of Muslims as well as their various educational incubators in various parts of the world," Mullah said.

Officials during the inauguration of the mosque in Sydney.

In related news, Society for the Revival of Islamic Heritage implemented a charity bank project in Kuwait in cooperation with the general secretariat of the awqaf and Islamic affairs ministry. The director of coordination and follow-up department at the society, Nawaf Al-Sanae, said: "This project aims to help poor families, low-income families, widows, divorcees, orphans, new converts and workers in Kuwait. The implementation of this agreement represents one of the successful steps achieved by the association in partnership with the General Secretariat of Awqaf in the field of implementing endowment banks."

"Since its inception, the society has been striving to meet realistic social and developmental needs, taking into account achieving interdependence between endowment projects as well as other projects through charitable partnership with the General Secretariat of Awqaf," he clarified.

In other news, the awqaf ministry opened registration for those intending to perform hajj through its official website. "The target group for registration is Kuwaiti citizens and residents of Kuwait, with the exception of bedoons, who will have a separate platform when the approval of the authorities in Saudi Arabia is received," the ministry said. "Priority is for Kuwaiti citizens who have not previously performed hajj. After obtaining the final approval, the pilgrim can complete the registration with the hajj operator with which he wishes to register," the ministry added.