KUWAIT: Kuwait Ministry of Oil announced yesterday that the Organizing Committee for the 2021 Hackathon will start launching the award's activities on May 4-30, with the participation of many applicants from various oil and academic bodies. In a press statement, The Ministry of Oil said the Hackathon is the first of its kind, through which the Ministry aims to create an advanced digital oil program that will be used to implement and follow up all oil operations through artificial intelligence, which helps to learn new digital skills.

According to the organizing committee for the event, a date has been set from 1 to 8 June for the final submission and evaluation, while the final results will be on June 10, 2021, noting that registration was open on the Ministry of Oil website during the period from March 28 to April 25. The Ministry of Oil agreed to define 4 categories to participate in the award, including the academic aspect represented by Kuwait University, the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, and the oil sector represented by the Ministry of Oil, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company and the Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

The ministry indicated that the target groups in the award are as follows: the first category, which includes students of the relevant governmental and private universities and specialized institutes, the second category, which includes the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation group and its subsidiary companies, and the third category, includes a group of technical specialties in the Ministry of Oil, and the fourth category includes non-employee graduates whose experience reaches five years and less.

The prizes will be an internship with Schlumberger, the ministry stated. The award targets youth energies from academic and oil sectors, with participation of number of bodies, namely Kuwait University, the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait Oil Company, Schlumberger Kuwait, as well as the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Australian College in Kuwait, American University of the Middle East and the American University in Kuwait. - KUNA