KUWAIT: Kuwait Nursing Institute marks on Thursday its 60th anniversary boasting a record of accomplishments notably upgrading teaching curricula and enriching human resources with national cadres. The institute, since six decades ago, has keenly upgraded its programs to provide Kuwait with elite personnel "of the white army," who are all-time front liners against diseases and epidemics.

The institute acting director general, Abdulaziz Al-Ruwaih, told KUNA that the establishment advocates nationalizing the profession, securing sufficient number of national cadres and regular updating of the educational curricula in the field. He also indicated in this respect necessity of providing incentives to encourage the youngsters join the nursing personnel.

Dr Wael Hamadah, the former director of the institute, told KUNA that it was established to graduate trained staff indicating that the need for nurses was too high at the time. He also added that several specialized divisions, such as the section for treating women illnesses, were set up. The institute was placed under jurisdictions of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in 1988 and in 1992, the institute started registering males. Its building features various classrooms and laboratories.

The institute personnel played a crucial role during spread of the coronavirus at the domestic level. The institute, launched on October 27, 1962, was the first such establishment in Kuwait. - KUNA