Dr Salman Al-Sabah

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: World Patient Safety Day is marked on September 17, so on this occasion, Chairman of Kuwait Surgeons Society and Head of Surgery Department at Jaber Hospital Dr Salman Al-Sabah said the issue of patient safety and health is the top priority for health systems around the world.

Dr Salman Al-Sabah stressed the importance of law 70/2020 with regards to patients' rights as one of the most important laws in the field of health services in developed countries, adding that the law will allow Kuwait to join pioneering countries in this field in order to make a qualitative move in patient care in particular and human rights in general.

He said the existence of such a law within Kuwait's health legislations will strengthen confidence in the health system and preserve patients' rights and those benefiting from healthcare at all levels. He said patients' rights has become a top issue for all those interested in developing health services and improving its quality to meet people's needs around the world.

Dr Salman said among the most important items of the law is for the patient to have the right to receive healthcare that is suitable for their health condition and agrees with quality and safety standards, as well as preventive and medication measures. He added the law confirms the patient's right to receive all medical information about their health condition including their tests and the correct diagnosis of their condition, as well as medical steps, be they medication or surgery, while explaining the importance of the procedures and risks and complications that may occur.

The law confirms patients' privacy, their human dignity and privacy of information related to their condition. Dr Salman said Kuwait Surgeons Society is committed to the safe surgery initiative and the checklist of medical education, research and studies supported by the society in the field of patient safety and solutions to challenges patient safety faces.

Dr Salman Al-Sabah renewed the surgeons society's commitment to the international work plan with regards to patients' safety for 2021-2030, approved by the World Health Organization, adding the society is proud to be a main partner with the health ministry to strengthen the culture of patient safety and protect their rights.

He lauded the patient safety program of the health ministry and considered ministerial decision 147/2015 to form a permanent national committee to follow patients' safety as a distinguished local, regional, and Arab achievement in the history of patient safety. He said WHO has chosen the theme "safe maternal and newborn care" to mark this day this year.