CAIRO: Sheikha Jawaher Ibrahim Al-Sabah, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Human Rights Affairs, on Thursday extolled the Arab countries' efforts aiming to empower women to play a role in mediation and peacekeeping. Speaking to KUNA in a statement at the end of a training session on female mediation organized by the Arab League, Sheikha Jawaher said that the session focused on enhancing the capabilities of the members of the Arab Network for Women and the challenges facing the Arab world.

She added that the session shed light on means of involving women in addressing the causes of conflict, mainly related to climate change. Sheikha Jawaher, a member of the network, referred to the fact that there are basic links among the conflicts over resources, climate change, and the session's topics. There are important matters that deserve research as they interpret UN Resolution 1,325 on women, peace, and security, she said.

She commended the Arab League's keenness to highlight the role of women in playing a mediation role and taking part in negotiations that lead to peace and national reconciliations. The five-day session adopted an interactive approach during practical trainings and solving cases related to natural resources, conflicts, and climate change and its repercussions, she elaborated.

Sheikha Jawaher pointed out that the session is a pioneering initiative for Arab female diplomats that helps them share expertise in preventing conflicts and achieving peaceful settlements. - KUNA