In strategic partnership with Al-Hamra Tower

KUWAIT: The Kuwait International Fashion Week, the unique event that puts Kuwait on the map of global fashion, kicks off this week in strategic partnership with Al-Hamra Business Tower and Maserati. The first show of the event takes place at the 60th floor of Al-Hamra Tower on May 7-11 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. New surprises for exclusive 2017 designs are expected every day during that period.

Twenty collections for spring and summer of 2017 are expected to be showcased, featuring over 20 international designers from Paris, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria and Kuwait, and that to meet expectations of those looking for fine Arab and international designs. The Kuwait International Fashion Week is the only Kuwaiti platform that showcases unique and high-end designs. The fashion designs were made specifically to meet the elegant Kuwaiti taste.

Head of the higher organizing committee Rabab Hamadeh says that this pattern in design combines readymade garments and high-end fashion, and focuses on apparel that is designed according to international fashion standards. She added that one of the main goals that the higher committee seeks to achieve through the Kuwait International Fashion Week is to "strengthen Kuwait's role and presence among the fashion capitals of the world, since it has all the capabilities, uniqueness, and historical style of the Kuwaiti woman."

Hamadeh further noted that Kuwait has become home for mega malls that attract a lot of tourists every year. The Kuwait International Fashion Week serves as a marketing platform for tourism and shopping, and for increasing the current capacity of hotels and recreational facilities.

Several leading and important trademarks are participating in the event, including Lancome, Ali Hussein Al-Arbash, Nobel Clinic, Twaaaq fragrance, Holiday Inn Down Town, Bon Voyage travel agency, Auguri Center for Marketing & Advertising (the designer of the venue's decorations) and Kuwait Times as the media partner.

The Kuwait International Fashion Week looks to send several important messages, such as removing the stereotype that Arab countries are filled with conflicts, and instead show the world that the Arab World can reflect an image of creativity, art, elegance and beauty.