GAZA: The delegation of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday that it has contracted 531 teachers from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in Palestine. The acting assistant undersecretary of public education and head of the delegation, Osama Al-Sultan, said in a statement to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that among them were 211 female teachers and 320 male teachers. Sultan added that the teachers were selected through specific stages, including conducting tests and holding a series of interviews in various scientific disciplines such as mathematics, physics, and English for males.

He pointed out that all the necessary contracting procedures will be completed as soon as the delegation returns to Kuwait, expressing his confidence in the teachers. He also appreciated the role of the Palestinian leadership in hosting the Kuwaiti delegation during the contracting procedures in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. For his part, the official spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Education, Sadiq Al-Khudur, said that the ministry, under the guidance of the presidential and government institutions, worked to facilitate the mission of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education delegation.

In a similar statement to KUNA, Al-Khudur explained that the ministry anticipated the visit of the Kuwaiti delegation by announcing jobs and then worked to facilitate all procedures related to conducting interviews and related to written tests, up to the hiring of new teachers. He pointed out that the Palestinian Ministry of Education is following up on the status of teachers who went to Kuwait in recent years.

He stressed that they are looking forward to developing cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Kuwait on other educational horizons, such as reaching agreements between Palestinian and Kuwaiti schools on a student-to-student level. He explained that the continuation of the contract with the Palestinian teachers means restoring the cooperation that began in the 1960s, stressing that it is another confirmation of the strong and historical relationship between Kuwait and Palestine and renewing confidence in the Palestinian teachers for their skills and capabilities. The Kuwaiti delegation left the Gaza Strip after a five-day visit.- KUNA