Kuwait: Kuwaiti Health Minister Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed affirmed on Saturday the ministry's commitment to the World Health Assembly (WHA) resolutions and adherence of the sector workers to humanitarian and professional ethics toward patients, namely their safety.

His remark was made in a press release on the occasion of the World Patient Safety Day, which falls on September 17 every year, where the Ministry launches an awareness campaign for patient safety in all health institutions in Kuwait.

He added that patient safety is one of the most important priorities of health systems in various countries of the world, as studies have indicated that one out of every 10 patients in developed countries is harmed while receiving health care.

He pointed out that the medical errors ranked 14th among the most important causes of death worldwide, adding that unsafe drug practices and medication errors were among the main causes of avoidable damage.

He indicated the ministry's interest in developing patient safety policies and procedures in all health institutions, which promotes the patient's safety and ensure that all members of society obtain their legitimate rights to safe and high-quality health care.

Dr. Al-Saeed stressed that despite the achievements that have been made in the field of patient safety, there are many challenges related to drug safety, which require cooperation to take urgent measures to reduce drug-related harm. This year's event came under the slogan "Medication without harm," considered the third global challenge initiative of the World Health Organization.