Nazaha's Chairman Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim

KUWAIT: The Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) yesterday affirmed the State of Kuwait has set up a robust and solid system to fight the scourge. These state-level efforts have been capped with Kuwait's joining the UN Convention against Corruption and the Arab anti-Corruption Convention, said Nazaha's chairman Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim while addressing the third international conference for the Palestinian anti-Corruption Authority, themed, 'Precautions against corruption in the public sector: Governance, efficiency and adherence.'

Nazaha has also exerted efforts for enacting a package of legislations designed to bolster national action to prohibit and combat corruption and boost accountability, he added. Moreover, Ibrahim alluded to the establishment of the auditing apparatuses and the Central Agency for Public Tenders.

Nazaha has been granted a prime role in the endeavors to attain objectives of the international sustainable development, 2030. Governance, he has added, has become a prime means for combating corruption and boosting transparency and regulating auditing in various state sectors. - KUNA