AmirI stopped by mother's house before going to meet HH the Amir at Bayan palace, because one of my sisters who was a strong opponent to the rise of domestic help costs was there. My mother commented on her saying that the "Kuwaiti house has three to four domestic helpers, but families eat outside, and their children eat delivery, while the subsidized food is eaten by the domestic helpers, then they do not work and complain about the high cost of maids".

When HH the Amir spoke proudly about the good living in Kuwait and availability of the living necessities, I jokingly objected and told him about my sister's complaint and my mother's comment. He said "the government pays more than four billion for subsidies" and upon leaving HH said "say hello to your sister and ask her to work".

HH was optimistic, confident and enthusiastic when he spoke about the domestic and regional situation. He started with calm about his health condition in the past two weeks saying that he went through a health condition but at the end "there is nothing but good" and that he enjoys a good health with the grace of Allah.

About the regional situation he spoke extensively and enthusiastically and confirmed that Kuwait is safe and there is nothing to worry about, we are a peaceful country and we do not have aggression policies. We are confident that our surrounding countries appreciates and respect our wish for peace and stability. Therefore the situation is comforting, though he mentioned that there are some interventions of some countries in the affairs of others, and HH wished such intervention stops and for each side to worry about its own affairs.

About the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its policy in the region he said once again that what Affects Saudi Arabia affects us. And when bringing the Iranian danger and Iranian threats to the gulf countries HH was keen to confirm that he personally is convinced the Iranian leadership will understand the Kuwaiti and gulf interests and will maintain the region's security as much as it does its own interests.

About domestic affairs, HH said there is nothing that warrants worry as Kuwait remains a country of security and stability and all basic priorities are available. We have many development projects that will be completed soon. Jaber hospital 's building is complete, and the opera house will be ready, as well as the cultural centers such Abdallah Al-Salem and Jaber Al-Ahmad. He said there is a plan to build a modern entertainment city that replaces the current one which has been in existence for a long time and no longer meets the purpose of building it.

And more important the development in housing projects and caring for the Kuwaiti human being, particularly the youth, as well as development of education and sciences programs. This besides completing the bridges network soon and solve the traffic problem.

HH concluded the meeting by saying that Kuwait is in good situation and the coming is better and what is required is a neutral vision of the situation. - Al-Qabas

By Abdellatif Al-Duaij