KUWAIT: Established especially for wild birds, Kuwait Falcon Hospital Pure is an international destination for treating, caring for and preparing falcons for the hunting season in October. In a press statement Wednesday, Director of Kuwait Falcon Hospital Pure Nasser Al-Ajmi said that wild birds need extreme care and attention to be able to adapt to captivity as it is a free bird and likes to fly freely.

Ajmi explained that one of the aspects of caring for falcons in the Arab Gulf countries is to give them rest during hot summer, in a phase known as 'tying bird', which extends between February and October. This phase is very important as falcons change their feather and need to be kept in a cooled, sunny place with shades and far from the movement of people in order to maintain the process of emerging new feathers, which appear very slowly.

A falcon undergoes anesthesia ahead of x-rays.

The hospital, which receives hundreds of cases from all over the world, includes a group of qualified and experienced specialists and experts, and provides care for other species of rare birds in order to preserve them, added Ajmi. He noted that falcons and birds receive medical supervision since their admission to the hospital until they are handed back to their owners at the end of the bird's tie phase.

X-ray of a falcon taken at the hospital.<br>
X-ray of a falcon taken at the hospital.
Hospital workers tend to a falcon at a telescope testing room.<br>
Hospital workers tend to a falcon at a telescope testing room.
A lab technician works at the hospital.<br>
A lab technician works at the hospital.

The hospital is affiliated to the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources and includes the latest international equipment and technologies of diagnosis and treatment, said Ajmi, and provides falcons with vaccines approved by international laboratories. Ajmi pointed out that the hospital offers service of repairing and replacing broken feathers, as falcons are always exposed to accidents during hunting or training. The hospital pharmacy includes special medicines provided by the local market or through the Ministry of Health and the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources.

Different types of falcons' feathers.

Regarding their market value, Ajmi said that the prices of falcons vary according to their different types, including Al-Shaheen, Al-Wakri, Al-Jir and others, as well as their different sizes and colors, as each has special features, so "there is no fixed price for them". Stressing the importance of falcon passports, Ajmi said: "This procedure, organized by the Environment Public Authority in cooperation with Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, facilitates the process of falcons entering the hospital, preserves their data and their owners through an information ring or chip, and limits smuggling operations across countries." - KUNA