MANAMA: The Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) is determined to restore its market quota by cancelling transit flights and working on direct ones (point to point) to its destinations, KAC CEO Rasha Al-Roumi has affirmed.

Speaking at a news conference held by the corporation on the sidelines of the 2016 Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS) on Saturday, she added depending on direct flights will be in favor of all destinations and will create a good competition. She revealed that the corporation will appear in a new look to cope with the coming period, but will maintain the same slogan.

Asked about the participation in the BIAS, she said the company is taking part in such an event for the first time and this is a new achievement. In a reply to reporters on meeting commitments amid the continued decline in oil prices, Al-Roumi stressed that the corporation meets its financial commitments regularly without any delay.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Sharhan, a KAC senior official, said the company's financial performance improved during 2014 and indicators in 2015 gave better results, expecting that financial data of 2015 would be announced in February.

He revealed that about ten 777-300ER passenger aircraft from manufacturer Boeing will arrive in Kuwait next November and 15 A320 aircraft in 2019-2022, noting that some 10 A350 aircraft will be added to the fleet in 2020-2022. - KUNA