KUWAIT: Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry officials meet with members of a UK trade delegation yesterday. - KUNA photos

KUWAIT: Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry said yesterday that Britain's impending withdrawal from the European Union (EU) is a "viable" opportunity for better trade ties with the UK. Kuwait has made palpable progress over introducing more simplified business procedures, which would prove instrumental in improving the country's ties with the UK, according to chamber member Dr Dharar Al-Ghanem.

Kuwait and Britain have witnessed a milestone in their historic relationship, having recently marked the 120th anniversary of the Anglo-Kuwaiti Agreement of 1899, which was the catalyst for stronger bilateral ties, he said amid a meeting with a UK trade delegation headed by British Ambassador Michael Davenport. Britain views Kuwait as an important trade partner, said the envoy, who heaped praise on the county for the meteoric growth it has recently achieved. - KUNA