KUWAIT: Kuwait celebrates World Teachers' Day to honor teachers and their noble mission in contributing and building a better future. The theme for World Teachers' Day 2022 is, 'The transformation of education begins with teachers,' which reflects on the role of teachers, in creating a more aware and intellectual generation. Head of Kuwait Teachers Society (KTS), Hamad Al-Houli said to KUNA, on Tuesday, that World Teachers' Day falls annually on Oct 5 and sheds light on the role played by teachers in shaping a better future for the next generation in various fields.

Dr Mohammad Abdul Majid

Al-Houli stated that on this occasion, KTS is keen to present a letter of appreciation and gratitude to teachers through a nationwide celebration, adding that United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) set the date. In a similar statement, Dr Mohammad Abdul Majid said that, " Teacher's Day is observed to celebrate the accomplishments achieved in building the minds of the future generation and is a gratitude for their efforts towards the positive development of students".

He explained that the effective teacher has the ability to build relationships with students, communicate with them and listen to them to enhance their confidence in themselves, to express their ideas and urge them to cooperate and work together to achieve their goals. He pointed out that a great responsibility falls on the teacher's shoulders and is seen in the good psychological, social and educational interaction with the students to prepare them for their future goals."

Abdullah Al-Otaibi

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Otaibi said that, "Education is an indispensable pillar in people's lives and a foundation for everything". He stated that, "Kuwaiti teachers, during the pandemic, fulfilled their tasks and responsibilities and contributed to the continuation of the education process through online mediums". - KUNA