Ambassador Mansour Ayyad Al-Otaibi

NEW YORK: The State of Kuwait has affirmed necessity of respecting international human rights laws and protecting humanitarian and medical expeditions in regions afflicted with conflicts and violence. Horrific figures about civilian victims of conflicts and wars reflect extent of the tragedies, suffered by the globe's population nowadays, said Ambassador Mansour Ayyad Al-Otaibi, the permanent envoy to the UN, during a UN debate on sparing civilians in armed conflicts. Up to 65 million people have been driven out of their homes in strife, violence and repression, he said, alluding to some contents of a report prepared by the United Nations Secretary General.

Breaches of the UN Resolution 2286 have been mounting by conflicts' parties in various regions of the globe particularly in the Middle East and Africa, he said, regretting that some parties have been intentionally targeting civilians and civil targets "as a weapon to defeat their foes."

Security Council resolution 2286 (2016) deals with protection of the wounded and sick, medical personnel and humanitarian personnel in armed conflicts. In Iraq, militants of so-called Islamic State (Daesh) try to defend themselves with "human shields," practice sexual violence, enforce coercive marriage and abduct civilians, Ambassador Otaibi said.

In Palestine, the Israeli occupation authorities continue acts of abuse and violence against the Palestinian people, in addition to pursuing the settlement policy. Ambassador Otaibi called anew on the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities as stipulated by the UN charter and relevant resolutions and confront urgently these ongoing Israeli breaches.

The Security Council has adopted Resolution 2334, which affirms that the Israeli settlements are illegal, and illegitimate, urging Tel Aviv to halt all settlement activities in the occupied territories including East Jerusalem. On Syria, Otaibi indicated that despite efforts to relieve the Syrian people's war-afflicted plights, with three international donation conferences hosted by Kuwait for that purpose, these acts have remained insufficient to meet humanitarian needs by millions of displaced and refugees.

Hailing efforts for enforcing a cease-fire, setting up "tension de-escalation zones" and pursuing the Geneva talks, the envoy re-affirmed Kuwait's support for implementing UN resolutions namely 2254 to reach a political settlement and preserve the country's unity and sovereignty. He lauded the Arab coalition role for restoring legitimacy in Yemen, re-establishing medical facilities in liberated areas and distributing relief supplies to the needy in the troubled nation.

Security and stability can only be restored to Yemen through implementing resolution 2216, the GCC initiative and outcome of the national dialogue, Otaibi said, renewing the State of Kuwait's readiness to host new talks among the Yemeni parties to try find a settlement to the crisis.

In conclusion, he affirmed support for the UN chief report calling for a flurry of diplomatic activities to tackle conflicts, enhance early warning mechanisms and boosting collecting action to reform the UN systems related to establishing peace and security and achieving development in addition to bolstering partnerships and cooperation with regional organizations. - KUNA