KUWAIT: A group photo taken during the Kuwait-British Friendship Society's luncheon in honor of a group of visiting British parliamentarians.

KUWAIT: The Kuwait-British Friendship Society recently hosted a luncheon in honor of a group of visiting British parliamentarians. The event, which was held at the Chairman's Club, was the first function organized by the Society since the eruption of the coronavirus pandemic two years ago.

Attending the lunch were the representatives of the Kuwait and British parliaments, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UK Ambassador to Kuwait, and Board Members of the Kuwait - British Friendship Society. The objective of the meeting was to reiterate the importance of the relationship between Kuwait and Great Britain and to discuss past activities organized by the Society aimed at solidifying relations between the two countries.

Speaking on behalf of the Society, the coordinator, Ambassador Abdullah Bishara, said: "The fundamental aim of visits such as these is to emphasize to the public of both countries, the importance of retaining and building on the historic partnership that bonds the two countries for more than a century. Great Britain has always been a loyal friend of Kuwait. The people of Kuwait have full confidence in Britain's continuous loyalty, be it in prosperity or adversity."

During the lunch, the visiting party voiced their appreciation for the hospitability and genuine feeling of friendship towards Great Britain. They also expressed their admiration for the democratic principles Kuwait proudly cherishes and showed their willingness to convey their positive views of Kuwait to the British Parliament. In closing, both parties agreed on the importance of ensuring continuation of the friendship and support, with a view to consolidating these historic ties.